Gypsy Skirt on Dark Aqua, and “So Much Fun” Lentils

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So Much Fun Lentils

These used CiM Phoenix, Moretti 266 Opal Yellow, and some of Val Cox’s “Enchanted” frit.

Gypsy Skirt on Dark Aqua

And these ones are a Moretti 036 Transparent Dark Aquamarine base, Vetrofond 955 Seashell Swirl Special Odd, and a coating of Val Cox’s “Gypsy Skirt” frit.

And, I have ordered a bead press from Jim Moore. This is a tool for lining large hole beads with silver (and other metals, although I expect I will mostly use silver), the Pandora bead style. So I will be offering up beads compatible with the Pandora/Troll/Biagi bracelet system in the near future. More on that soon!

Also, still a few weeks to enter the Fire Divas Quarterly Jewelry Challenge. The only requirement is, the jewelry you are submitting a photo of must have beads in it that were made by one of the Fire Divas. There are great prizes – so please submit your pics and participate in this great challenge!


Purple Things

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Today I have some purple things to share. Purple is probably one of my favorite colours, in all of its varieties.

Purple Paradise

This set has Creation is Messy Simply Berry (one of my favorite transparent purples), in all the beads – the plain purple rounds are pure Simply Berry. I used Vetrofond Seashell Swirl Odd with Val Cox African Violet frit as well. The African Violet frit is just a gorgeous bluish shade of purple, and the Seashell Swirl is of course a great base for frit.

Two Froggies Focal Bead

I made this focal bead using two shades of purple by Creation is Messy – Heffalump and Thai Orchid (Thai Orchid is the darker purple froggy, Heffalump is the lighter purple). It was a real challenge finding a spot for all those little froggy toes!

More about Seashell Swirl Odd
More about African Violet
More about Simply Berry
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More about Heffalump


Coral & Seashells

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Coral & Seashells Lentil Set

Coral base with seashell swirl, and a frit mix that I think is called Seashell. Also some silvered ivory stringer. These beads came out so pretty! I can see them paired with some coral beads or even real seashells to make a lovely necklace or bracelet.

More info and beads made with Seashell Swirl

Also some of my ladybugs are in this Etsy treasury along with many other fine items… go take a look!