Winter is coming

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And by winter, of course I mean, Christmas! I know it’s a little bit early to be thinking about Christmas, for most of us anyway, but when it comes to ordering online, I suppose September is not so crazy early after all. On that note, I probably should be thinking about making some Christmas themed beads.

In the mean time, my dad has opened an Etsy shop recently. It’s featuring a select few of his original paintings, along with Gicli reproductions, art cards, and digital downloads (if you want to use his images for yourself). Of course I am a huge fan of my dad’s art because I’m his daughter. He has been working on a series lately featuring The Beatles (yes, that is John Lennon, not Harry Potter, in the image above).

And, back to the topic of the winter holidays, dad’s just made some of his Christmas cards available on Etsy. Dad has a whole series of these wonderful classic images; the originals are in the family collection. Anyway, you should go check out his shop and his art work – send him some Etsy love! <3

And while we are on the subject of family members on Etsy, my mom has also opened a shop recently. She is de-stashing some seriously cool and unique vintage stuff – stamps and other paper ephemera, loads of vintage glass items, and other odds and ends. Also very much worth checking out.

So what am I up to these days as the summer slips away into Autumn? Well, I am still working on school. Still working at my day job. A lot has been going on in my life so I haven’t been as active online as I was previously, but I am still very much working on glass as well. I am currently testing some new blends for Val Cox Frit, which I will be talking about more in the very near future I am sure.

And with that I will sign out – hope everyone is having a great start to the school year!


Fire Divas Jewelry Challenge!

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The deadline for the Fire Divas Quarterly Jewelry Challenge is approaching. (Well, October 15th). The theme of this challenge is “The Holiday Season.” Last time, we didn’t get too many entries, I think almost everyone who entered ended up with a prize! So it is really worth your while to enter!! For more information, click this link. The main requirement for this challenge is, you have to enter a piece of jewelry that was made using beads created by a Fire Diva. So those of you who have already bought beads from me, great, you’re already all set to enter!

And if you don’t already own some of my beads… or beads from one of my fellow Divas… that’s OK because there is still time to go shopping! I don’t think there’s a single Diva in the group who doesn’t do amazing work. You are not only buying quality, one of a kind beads, but you are supporting an artisan, AND if you enter the challenge, you have a good chance to win some great gift certificates to the Divas’ shops! It’s really a pretty good deal!

(Don’t forget, I have some fantastic Halloween Beads for sale in *my* Etsy shop – and they would make some adorable Holiday Themed Jewelry – so feel free to start there)


Halloween is Coming

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OK, I know it’s a little bit early for Halloween. But since I sell online, and I sell raw materials mostly and not so much finished work… I have to figure that my customers need time to a) Receive the beads through the post, b) Use the beads in their designs, and c) Get the beads to their OWN customers! (So, that means that for holidays, I have to really get my act together!) This year I was finally organized enough to make Halloween beads in August. I have a couple of sets listed now, and a few more to come, so stay tuned!