Purple Things

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Today I have some purple things to share. Purple is probably one of my favorite colours, in all of its varieties.

Purple Paradise

This set has Creation is Messy Simply Berry (one of my favorite transparent purples), in all the beads – the plain purple rounds are pure Simply Berry. I used Vetrofond Seashell Swirl Odd with Val Cox African Violet frit as well. The African Violet frit is just a gorgeous bluish shade of purple, and the Seashell Swirl is of course a great base for frit.

Two Froggies Focal Bead

I made this focal bead using two shades of purple by Creation is Messy – Heffalump and Thai Orchid (Thai Orchid is the darker purple froggy, Heffalump is the lighter purple). It was a real challenge finding a spot for all those little froggy toes!

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Return of the froggie beads

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I made a bunch of these last year and they were super popular. I don’t know why I stopped actually, I guess I just moved on to different things for a while. They’re fun to make and so cute! I love how they seem to have little personalities. I didn’t keep good track of the colours I used I’m afraid.

Yellow froggie

Green froggie

And, here is “Merlot Sunset.” I used a vetrofond dark ivory base, with some CiM thai orchid swirled overtop, then rolled in CiM bordello frit.. and I used some silvered ivory stringer on there too.

These are all up in the Ety store.