Thinkin’ Pink!

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I have a few new listings in my Etsy shop in pink! The main pink I have been using this last little while is “Gelly’s Sty” by Creation is Messy. It is a really sweet, bright bubblegum pink, that I haven’t seen anywhere else. While at first I thought something *that* pink would have limited uses… it seems to be finding its way into more and more of my beads.

Pink & Black Tuxedo – set of tiles

Gelly’s Sty and black – raised florals – very cute set.

Udderly Inspired

Gelly’s Sty, black, and white. The transluscent pink on the smooth polka dot beads I believe is CiM Blush but I am not positive.

Pink Sugar

Gelly’s Sty in the opaque pink beads. The more purpley ones are CiM Heffalump. The transluscent ones are (I think) CiM Blush and CiM Rose Quartz. These were made using very fine clear “sugar” frit.

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Spacer Beads

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Well, I got through my final exams. It was a pretty stressful few weeks. I didn’t get a lot of beadmaking in (although I did get out to my torch a few times, just to try to relax a little!) In my exams, I always made sure to wear a few of my beads (usually just a few strung on some cord around my neck, something to fiddle with and remind me of the other side of my life that isn’t all about grades and the other pressures of school).

Anyway, I am out on the other side of it now, and looking forward to a summer full of creating, vending at our local market, and doing a few other summer craft shows as well!

One of the things I have been making quite a few of again lately is spacer beads. They are so simple that I had stopped making them for a while. I always figured if people wanted them, they could ask (and I think I say that somewhere in my Etsy listings… need extras or spacers? just ask me!) But then, when I started making more bracelets and other jewelry of my own again, I realized that spacer beads are really useful. And when I started making spacer beads again, I realized that I actually don’t mind making them as much as I remembered. In fact it is sort of fun because you can make a lot really fast and it feels productive!

So I have a few sets of spacers listed on Etsy – I did them in colour schemes rather than just one colour, because they are actually really fun even on their own for bracelets or small earrings, if you string a bunch together they look really nice! Simple yet effective.

Shades of Blue Spacers

These are Moretti 054 Transparent Medium Blue (the transparent beads), Moretti 224 Pastel Light Sky Blue (the lighter opaque beads), Moretti 228 Pastel Dark Sky Blue (the darker opaque beads that are almost a bit turquoise), and Moretti 240 Light Cobalt Blue (the darkest of the opaque beads)

Purple Spacers

The opaque purple is CiM Thai Orchid, the pinky lighter purple is CiM Heffalump, the lighter transparent purple is Moretti 046 Transparent Pale Purple, the darker transparent purple is CiM Simply Berry.

Pretty in Pink Spacers

I am having a bit of trouble identifying some of these pinks, because I ordered some CiM pinks and they weren’t all labeled. Anyhow, the opaque pink is definitely CiM Gelly’s Sty. There is plain old Moretti 204 Pastel White, and the two transluscent pinks are I think CiM Pink Champagne and CiM Blush. But I am not positive about those two! They are both very pretty pinks and they are definitely from the CiM palette.

Root Beer Spacers

These were a mix of the transparent browns. Not exactly sure which ones, because I don’t have them well labeled. The opaque beads mixed in there are CiM Canyon de Chelly.

Wow, that’s a lot of colours isn’t it! Part of the fun of making spacers too is, you don’t have to worry about what colours will play nicely with each other.


Purple Things

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Today I have some purple things to share. Purple is probably one of my favorite colours, in all of its varieties.

Purple Paradise

This set has Creation is Messy Simply Berry (one of my favorite transparent purples), in all the beads – the plain purple rounds are pure Simply Berry. I used Vetrofond Seashell Swirl Odd with Val Cox African Violet frit as well. The African Violet frit is just a gorgeous bluish shade of purple, and the Seashell Swirl is of course a great base for frit.

Two Froggies Focal Bead

I made this focal bead using two shades of purple by Creation is Messy – Heffalump and Thai Orchid (Thai Orchid is the darker purple froggy, Heffalump is the lighter purple). It was a real challenge finding a spot for all those little froggy toes!

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fire divas

Cherries & Cream, and Leaky Pen

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Two more new sets on Etsy today.

Cherries & Cream

Some simple frit beads with a base of CiM Heffalump (an opaque light violet), some fuchsia and silver lake frit, all encased in Lauscha clear.

Leaky Pen Plunged Florals & Dots

One of my favorite colour combinations – CiM Leaky Pen on top of light turquoise. Leaky Pen is a SUPER saturated dark blue that just pops when put over light turquoise. There are some encased frit beads in there as well as plunged florals, and plunged dots.

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And, if you haven’t entered the Fire Divas Spring Jewelry Challenge yet – here is another post for inspiration.