Val Cox Wild Raspberry

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This frit is sold by Val Cox. “This is a very high gold content pink. This makes it a deeper and darker pink than any other opaque pinks in the line. Combine this with silver foil for a rich golden hue.”

Beads & Info by Amy Hall

Wild Raspberry K100 Clear
Val Cox Wild Raspberry frit encased in Kugler K100 Clear

K100 Clear Fuchsia Frit #0 WIld Raspberry Frit GoddessK100 Clear Fuchsia Frit #0 WIld Raspberry Frit Goddess
Val Cox Wild Raspberry frit and Val Cox Fuchsia Pink frit size #0 on a base of Kugler K100 clear.

Wild Raspberry 955

This set was made using Vetrofond 955 Seashell Swirl Special Odd as a base. I rolled them in Val Cox’s Wild Raspberry frit, and then used some stringer in CiM Black Currant to make some lines across the bead, and to make the raised dots on the surface.

Wild Raspberry 212
On top of Moretti 266 Opal Yellow with Moretti 212 Pastel Pea Green. There’s a transparent in there too, I think it is Moretti 020 Transparent Light Grass Green.