eBay Auction

I will probably post this to some of the LJ communities later in the week when it is closer to ending. However, don’t be afraid to come bid now! I’m starting it at $50 because I’m just not feeling ballsy enough to do a .99 start. This set is wonderful and I know it’s worth a lot more than $50… but that is the least that I would be happy with getting.

It was made using 412 dark yellow, 422 orange, and 236 pastel light turquoise. So simple and yet it just came out great!

I think I will make a set with these colours next. I’m such a sucker for the rich purples and pinks. This one has CiM simply berry, white, and some of Val Cox’s fuschia frit.

Another frit bead, with raku.

Some blue buttons with flowers

Blue buttons

Buttons in the same colours as the Cosmic Crayons set

I’m trying to just get over the whole “imperfection” thing with the buttons. They’re really hard to do at all, let alone get in a perfect shape. The good thing is, my holes are quite good now, and that’s what really matters. They are smooth and relatively uniform. The buttons are a little wonky still but… they do have a certain charm. And the sets don’t match exactly, but they’re still cool, right? I have quite a few knitters interested in unique buttons right now so I’m going to keep working on them. I guess in time I might be able to get perfect round discs 🙂 Of course at that point, I might start charging a bit more for them. As it is I’m not charging enough for my time, but since I’m still learning the technique, it doesn’t seem fair to charge more. I might start selling these in my Etsy store too. Do you think they would be popular? I think they would look so cool on a felted purse. Actually someone bought one and put it on a felted purse just last weekend, and it did look pretty sweet. I am going to get some wool and knit a simple purse to display one of these on at craft fairs.