Earring pairs & a goddess

I tried to do a more pregnant goddess. The glass is called intense blue.

Dark topaz base with white and turquoise plunged dots, and brown raised dots.

Dark yellow base with turquoise and light red.

Dark topaz base with white and light red flat dots, and dark yellow raised dots.

Light red base with white and dark topaz plunged dots, and turquoise raised dots.

Brown base with white, dark yellow, and turquoise flat dots, and dark topaz raised dots.

Blue lavender base with dark silver plum decoration. It seems to come out very metallic all on its own when its used as raised decoration… I can’t quite figure out how to get it do the metallic thing when it’s flattened in…

White base, with CiM simply berry and dark silver plum (which again doesn’t look metallic, it looks like black basically…)