I got my hollow mandrils yesterday!

It was pretty fun blowing glass for the first time. I actually felt fairly intuitive about how to do it… and although I had a few blowouts from blowing too hard, overall I’m really happy with these as first results, and can’t wait to do more and more! There’s something soo cool about how glass stretches when it is blown. It’s completely different from just melting i.

Here’s my first one. Ivory base, with some CiM simply berry and some CiM bordello frit. The bordello frit is the dark red, it stretched out to almost look like blood vessels. Very cool.

This one I managed to put arms on. It’s tricky because once you blow the glass, if you get it too hot again it will collapse back on itself and deflate. But, I’m always paranoid about introducing stress by letting something cool too much. So I tried to keep it ever so slightly warm while putting on the arms, without getting too hot. The good news is, if it deflates, you can just blow it back out again. The colours I used were copper green, dark ivory, some goldstone aventurine frit, CiM cirrus frit, and reichenbach green reduction frit. Just a big mess of stuff really.

Here is a pic for size reference. These vessels are bigger than the ones I have done before. I think I could go bigger still, too.

The other fun aspect of having hollow mandrils is making shards. Shards are basically little chunks of glass with cool patterns on them. What you do is, get a blob of glass on the end of the hollow mandril, cover it with lots of cool looking frits and bits of other reactive glass, silver foil, whatever, and then blow it out. This one used all of the stuff that went into the vessel above. Then, you smash it, and you can use the shards to decorate beads.

So excited and can’t wait to do more!!