Working on craft fair stock

More buttons. The shape is getting a bit better, but the holes are still a bit too rough. The orangey colour is vetrofond odd lot orange punch… the dark colour is CiM simply berry but it isn’t showing up especially well. I think it’s quite a dark transparent purple and might look better overtop white or ivory or something.

A goddess made with vetrofond odd lot orange punch.

CiM canyon de chelly goddess. I am loving this glass! I find that goddess beads end up getting struck a lot (struck in the glass sense, as in cooling then heating quickly, not struck as in hit with a baseball bat or something). It’s because while I’m working on part, another part inevitably cools somewhat, then I stick it back in the flame to heat it up again so the whole thing doesn’t crack. So using colours that strike for making a goddess almost always has great results.

Copper green goddess, reduced somewhat.

An implosion pendant with some nice bright colours..

CiM canyon de chelly implosion pendant

I think CiM canyon de chelly is one of my new faves. This is how it looks encased. I am still not really sure how to strike something and then encase it… but it looks really pretty and subtle like this.

Also, I have found a way to help eliminate scum in my clears – cleaning them with pure white vinegar. It seems to be helping a LOT! So, I expect to be doing more encasing in the near future.