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New Val Cox Frit Colours!

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Well, here is something to get excited about – a whole new set of blends from Val Cox Frit! I just got mine last week so all I have had time to do so far is spacers, but I am absolutely loving each and every one of these blends, and I can’t wait to see more of them… when I get caught up on my orders I will be doing a ton more experimenting!

Go buy the blends here – at!

Check out my Etsy shops for ready to ship and made to order spacers as seen below…

absintheminded g-absintheminded  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


astarte g-astarte OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

buencamino g-buencamino OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

HiHoSilver g-hihosilver OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

jewelsverne g-jewelsverne OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

moorrose g-moorroseOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


pinkjoyed g-pinkjoyed OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

pleinair g-pleinair OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

septembermorning g-septembermorning OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


Ooops… the REAL Black Friday sale

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I am a silly Canadian (at least that is my excuse). I thought last weekend was “Black Friday.” And now I have realized that no, it’s actually tomorrow. So I’m going to put my Etsy shop on sale again – actually this time, both shops 🙂


Receive 50% off all items at my ready to ship Etsy shop :

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Starting Friday at midnight, going until Sunday at 11pm. Score some great deals just in time for the holidays! And please share this post with your friends if you think they might be interested 🙂 Thank you so much for your support and happy holidays!


BIG SALE! 50% Off Ready to Ship Lampwork Beads

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Christmas time is coming 🙂 And it’s Black Friday this week. Not that we really do that in Canada but, well, we sort of do. I’m having a big sale in my main Etsy store to clear out some stock and make a few extra bucks for Christmas shopping. This will only apply to ready to ship items and not custom orders, and only my shop at These are some crazy good prices though and I have a lot in stock, so please pop on over starting at midnight tonight (12am Friday morning) and will go until Sunday at 11pm (both PST). I’m using Etsy on Sale so the prices will be automatically adjusted when the sale starts – you won’t need a promo code or anything. Hope you enjoy and Happy Holidays!

2014 Black Friday Sale


More Orphans?!?

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I’ve been doing a lot of made to order work lately and the result is… orphan city! I usually make at least a few extra beads for every set that I sell made to order – I select the best/most matching ones and that’s what gets shipped out.  But then I have so many leftovers, which is great because I know there are lots of you out there who aren’t as picky about exact matching shapes/sizes and colours, and who love an awesome deal. This is really unbelievable value.

This is one of my biggest and best orphan lots to date I think. Loads of matching beads here, tons of spacers, and great variety. Mostly 1/16″ hole size. Come grab them before they’re gone 🙂

color experiments

Val Cox Sweet Dreams

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Lampwork Colour Guide -> Frit Blends -> Val Cox Sweet Dreams


This frit is sold by Val Cox. “A fantastic blending of several soft opaque colors with a few light transparent tones. Together they give this complex blend a wonderful color-play quality that shifts when paired with silver. Try this blend on the surface or encased for different reactions. Contains a reactive Iris Gold.”

I had some of this frit on hand but never played with it enough obviously – this past week I have been doing some experiments and LOVING the results. It has some similarities to another Val Cox blend, Laurasia, but it’s a lot more on the pink/pastel side. I think they both contain Iris Gold which accounts for the yummy gold tones that come out in them both.

Sweet Dreams K100
Val Cox Sweet Dreams swirled in Kugler K100 Clear

Sweet Dreams K100
Val Cox Sweet Dreams encased in Kugler K100 Clear

Sweet Dreams K100
Val Cox Sweet Dreams swirled and speckled in Kugler K100 Clear

Sweet Dreams 004
Val Cox Sweet Dreams on Moretti 004 Transparent Clear

Sweet Dreams 204
Val Cox Sweet Dreams on Moretti 204 Pastel White

Sweet Dreams 219
Val Cox Sweet Dreams on Moretti 219 Pastel Copper Green with core of Moretti 038 Transparent Very Pale Aquamarine

Sweet Dreams 224
Val Cox Sweet Dreams on Moretti 224 Pastel Light Sky Blue

Sweet Dreams 266
Val Cox Sweet Dreams on Moretti 266 Opal Yellow with a core of Moretti 067 Rose Quartz

Sweet Dreams 955

Val Cox Sweet Dreams on Vetrofond 955 Seashell Swirl Special Odd