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Back to School & Pink Incantation

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It’s September again, and all over the place there are kids going back to school (well, not here in BC, but that’s another story). University and college students are starting new courses, moms (well, some of them) are finding a bit more time on their hands. Back to school time is one of my favorite times of year. I love it when seasons change – and my two favorites are Summer turning into Fall, and Winter into Spring. Well right now we are on the tail end of a beautiful Summer, with just a hint of Fall. There’s that little bit of crispness in the air, it’s not quite so stiflingly hot, and we’ve had some rain. I’m not quite into Boot time but starting to think about wearing leggings again. Boots and leggings and sweaters are some of my favorite things… but that’s a bit of a digression from glass…

Anyhow, I think what I like about Fall is the feeling of new beginnings and new possibilities.

I have a new Etsy shop that I’m promoting. It is a Made to Order catalogue of all of my designs (or at least, the ones I am able and willing to reproduce). I still have loads to add to this store from my current “catalogue” and am always adding new designs as well, but it’s starting to become fairly fleshed out already, so please go visit! For 10% off at checkout, use coupon code TGL10PERCENT.

I want to share today some preliminary results another of Val Cox Frit’s new blends – this one is called Pink Incantation. “A richly layered blend of pinks, peaches, willow-green and cranberry. Fuss free. Lovely with silver.” I loved the kind of old fashioned feeling of this blend. It is sort of girly and a bit dainty. Very pretty.


Pink Incantation K100 Spacers
Val Cox Pink Incantation swirled in Kugler K100 clear (spacers)

Pink Incantation K100 BHBs
Val Cox Pink Incantation swirled in Kugler K100 clear (Big Hole/Charm Bracelet Beads)

Pink Incantation K100 Swirls
Val Cox Pink Incantation swirled in and speckled on Kugler K100 clear

Pink Incantation K100 Encased
Val Cox Pink Incantation encased in Kugler K100 clear

Pink Incantation 219 Copper Green
Val Cox Pink Incantation with Moretti 219 Pastel Copper Green

Pink Incantation 266 Opal Yellow
Val Cox Pink Incantation with Moretti 266 Opal Yellow

Pink Incantation 680 Green Tea
Val Cox Pink Incantation with Moretti 680 Green Tea

Pink Incantation 031
Val Cox Pink Incantation with Moretti 031 Transparent Pale Emerald Green

Pink Incantation 204 White
Val Cox Pink Incantation with Moretti 204 Pastel White

Pink Incantation 955 Seashell Swirl
Val Cox Pink Incantation with Vetrofond 955 Seashell Swirl Special Odd


Lampwork by Amy on Artfire

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I’ve been working on a shop on Artfire again. I really actually like Artfire’s layout for sellers a lot, and the fees are much more reasonable than Etsy or eBay. So I am offering a 20% discount for Artfire patrons in my shop! Incentive to come over here and check things out. This is made to order bead sets, similar to my eBay shop (basically the same stock but with a discount!) I am working on adding my made to order inventory to the shop so it’s still sort of in progress. Come on over and check it out!


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So I recently joined, a site to promote… well, handmade art! Since I also was not 100% happy with the online store here at TGL (there were a few logistical problems with it), I have decided to offer all of my made to order bead sets through Handmade Artists. This shop will have the widest selection of my beads

My Etsy Store is still up and running of course and I will use that to promote my newest work and the very unique items that I will not be able to remake as made to order sets.

And, I am also on eBay, where you will be able to score great deals on select made to order sets – I will be featuring about a dozen different ones each week.

Here is the link to my new shop:

To promote this new shop, I am offering all my readers a 15% off coupon for your purchase there! The coupon code is NEWTGLSHOP and it’s good until the end of the day on July 15th.

I haven’t gone through the checkout process myself on this site yet, but I am assuming there is a spot to enter the coupon code at some point during checkout. Feel free to contact me if you have any trouble.

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Video Fun

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Found this Youtube video my mom made awhile back… we are planning on making some tutorial videos together in the near future. Is there anything you would particularly like to see? I was thinking of doing a video goddess tutorial definitely, as well as some basic techniques, but I would love input if anyone out there has any requests!


Lampwork Jewelry & Buying Beads Online

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I did a guest blog spot this week at My topics were tips for using lampwork beads in jewelry, and tips for buying lampwork online.

In addition, I am going to offer a special deal to promote my online store between now and April 8th – if you buy something from my new store here at Two Glassy Ladies, I will include a free gift with your order! What you get will depend on what you buy… it might be matching spacer beads, or a fun focal, or who knows what else. It will be a surprise.


Two Glassy Ladies Store Goes Live!

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The Two Glassy Ladies Store is now up and running, offering made to order bead sets based on designs I have created in the past.

You might see some of the same stuff that is on Etsy, and some different items as well. One of the benefits is that you will be able to directly order multiples of my sets, and in time I will hopefully have a much wider selection than what I am able to offer on Etsy.

I will still be selling my ready to ship sets in the Etsy store. I am just making an effort to branch out a bit and possibly reach different audiences.

So… that is all for now! Click here to go straight to the store.

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I’ve been working on a bit of a “spacer” project this week. The idea started when I realized that there are many colours not represented on my Lampwork Colour Guide. While there are loads of colours I do not even have in stock, there are a TON that I do that I have not yet made spacers from.

So… over the past week… I’ve been making lots and lots and lots of spacers. Like hundreds of them. The idea was a) to work on stocking my Etsy shop with a variety of colours of spacers (since spacers seem very popular, everyone always needs them, and why not offer a relatively inexpensive item with loads of selection?), and b) to fill in some of the gaps in my colour guide.

CiM Mermaid Spacers

For those of you who aren’t part of the lampwork community, you might not even know what the word “spacer” means. Basically they are little beads that are intended to go between bigger beads. They fill up spaces in a design. They are usually just simple, single colour beads. They are really quick and easy to make. They also actually do quite well on their own in certain designs – for example, for delicate earrings, for bracelets, even for necklaces if you string enough of them together.

Pink Spacer Bracelet

Mine are usually around 5mm measured from hole to hole, and I sell them in sets of 10 for between $8-12, depending on the glass used. I might end up raising the price in future too, we will see – this price point doesn’t really allow for a lot of leeway with bulk discounts etc. (Something that I am battling with in general when considering pricing, since I am considering moving to try to sell my beads to stores that would take a 50% cut. I would certainly have to increase my prices to make that work!)

Moretti Cobalt Blue Transparent Spacers

Anyway stay tuned for some colour comparisons once this project is completed. (Or, more completed, this is kind of an ongoing project really!)

Also this week, I have been doing LOADS of frit beads so stay tuned for those also!

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My new Etsy Shop – Findings by Amy

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I have recently opened a new Etsy shop dedicated to upcycled/recycled findings, mostly they have come from found jewelry that was either broken or just unwanted. I have been rehabilitating these old pieces and harvesting their findings, and I’ve been coming across some really cool, unique stuff! (Oh, and my prices are very reasonable as this is basically a de-stash operation).

Buy Handmade