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Val Cox Frit New Blends Part 2

This week I’ve been making encased sets using the new blends – and loving the results!

Go buy the blends here – at!

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Val Cox First Light

I’ve been away on vacation. Had a wonderful trip to Hornby Island where my husband’s family has a cabin. It’s a tiny little island off of Vancouver Island that takes two ferries to get to. It has many beautiful beaches, amazing local artists and artisans, lots of great food, so many fun things to do. […]

Val Cox White Onyx

Lampwork Colour Guide -> Frit Blends -> White Onyx

White Onyx

Buy this frit at

“A versatile neutral blend of transparents and opaques. Layers beautifully on light and dark base colors. Wonderful background for florals and decor. Good for all seasons. Not fussy.”

Beads & Info by Amy Hall

A […]

Val Cox Laurasia

Lampwork Colour Guide -> Frit Blends -> Laurasia


Buy this frit at

“A rich warm blend of six pink opaques and a touch of Iris Gold. Work cool to retain the pink tones. Work longer to create a golden boro effect. Love, love, love this one!”

Beads & Info […]

Winter is coming

And by winter, of course I mean, Christmas! I know it’s a little bit early to be thinking about Christmas, for most of us anyway, but when it comes to ordering online, I suppose September is not so crazy early after all. On that note, I probably should be thinking about making some Christmas themed […]

Val Cox Winter Blues Frit

This isn’t a new Val Cox blend, but she is now offering it in #0 size (which I think is fairly new!) – anyhow, here are some of my results from testing yet another lovely Val Cox blend. Loving these small grinds that are now available!

This frit (sold by Val Cox) is a […]

Val Cox Multicolor Dark Frit

This frit (sold by Val Cox) was a lot of fun. “It may not look like much in its raw state but this one really packs a punch. This is a striking color that can produce vibrant yellows, pinks and blue greens. Heat the bead slightly above the stress relief point for a few […]

Colour Experiments – Val Cox Copper Blue Frit

Val Cox Copper Blue

This frit is sold by Val Cox. “A classic aqua blue color that’s completely fuss-free. When this is worked normally, you will have a pure blue tone. When it’s combined with silver foil, some copper rimming can appear, hence the name.”

Val Cox Copper Blue #0 on […]

Colour Experiments – Val Cox Dense Black Frit

Colour Experiments

This blend, sold by Val Cox, is a very dense transparent black. “Hard to believe this is a transparent. It appears completely opaque even in small quantities. This is a fun one to play with. Use it to create depth and dramatic effect.”

Beads & Info by Amy Hall

Val […]

Colour Experiments – Val Cox Red Violet Frit

Colour experiments

This frit is sold by Val Cox. “A beautiful violet with warm leanings. This color is concentrated so use less to start and add as you go. Red Violet works very well on a base of clear and compliments nicely with pink and aqua tones. Red Violet is in each of […]