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Exhibition of Glass on Glass mosaics

Twenty three pieces to take up to Chemainus (on Vancouver Island, BC, Canada) and hang tomorrow!

My exhibition coincides with the production of “Harvey” (a favourite of mine!) which runs from May 6 – 28.

It’s “meet the artist” on May 13 so hopefully I’ll see some of you there….


Friday Feature – Lampwork Goddesses

This week on my Friday Feature I will be featuring the work of some wonderful self representing artist/artisan lampworkers. The theme is “Goddesses” – one that has been explored in depth by the lampwork community, myself included.

Something about glass seems to lend itself well to the curvy female form. I love making these little […]

Colour Experiments – Val Cox Copper Blue Frit

Val Cox Copper Blue

This frit is sold by Val Cox. “A classic aqua blue color that’s completely fuss-free. When this is worked normally, you will have a pure blue tone. When it’s combined with silver foil, some copper rimming can appear, hence the name.”

Val Cox Copper Blue #0 on […]