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CiM Lapis spacers

CiM Lapis etched

Lapis Fine Silver
CiM Lapis with embedded fine silver

Fairy Dust
I called this set “Fairies Wearing Denim” – it is a base of CiM Lapis with Val Cox’s “Fairy Dust” frit overtop.

Implosion pendant with CiM Lapis… very pretty colour but I just didn’t quite implode it enough

CiM Lapis with white decoration

Shows off CiM Lapis – a really pretty almost denim blue. This bead was rolled in silver foil (which I then marvered in and stuck back in the torch, a lot of it burnt right off, some little droplets stayed behind), so you can’t really see the colours underneath that – they were Moretti 060 Transparent Cobalt Blue and Moretti 054 Transparent Medium Blue. The spacers are CiM Lapis.

This lentil bead was made using the same colours as above – CiM Lapis, Moretti 054 Transparent Medium Blue, and Moretti 060 Transparent Cobalt Blue – rolled in a bit of silver foil, pressed, then I melted the silver mostly off. I would actually cook it a little longer even with the silver next time I think.

Goddess made with CiM Lapis