993 Lime Sweet Odd

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791993 10-30-13

Beads & Info by Amy Hall

I only like this colour in some situations. It doesn’t go with everything. There seem to be very different batches of it too.

Vetrofond 993 Lime Sweet Odd spacers

993 Lime Sweet
More Vetrofond 993 Lime Sweet Odd spacers… not sure why these ones came out so different… just a different batch? Mislabeled? Universe aligning differently around my torch chemistry?

993 204 020
The middle orange is Vetrofond 993 Lime Sweet Odd. It is paired with Moretti 204 Pastel White and Moretti 020 Transparent Light Grass Green in these fun “watermelon” beads.

A closeup of a lime sweet spacer

Lime sweet, dark yellow, and leaky pen frit

Lime sweet spacers – these were struck and I love the colours that were coming out!

More sweet lime