Val Cox Violet Fire

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This frit blend is sold by Val Cox. “This is a fun, reactive blend of opaque and transparents. One of the ruby colors is a kiln striker so the full reaction won’t appear until you remove it from the kiln. When you mix it will silver foil, as shown in the paddle below, you can get some great effects. Without silver, it’s a blend of deep ruby pinks and opaque violets.”


Beads & Info by Amy Hall

Violet Fire K100
Val Cox Violet Fire frit encased in Kugler K100 clear

Goddess Violet Fire 224 058Goddess Violet Fire 224 058
Val Cox Violet Fire on base of Moretti 224 Pastel Light Sky Blue. Stringer decoration is Moretti 058 Transparent Ink Blue and Moretti 044 Transparent Dark Purple

Val Cox Violet Fire 955 Seashell SwirlVal Cox Violet Fire 955 Seashell Swirl
Val Cox Violet Fire frit on base of Vetrofond 955 Seashell Swirl Special Odd.