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Link to a “Twistie Recipes” Thread on LE

Beads & Info by Lara Lutrick

When I was on a HH, it was more difficult to make a bead with Moretti 066 Intense Black (IB) stringer. I decided to make a twisty with it, that way I would have less on the surface and could perhaps get more webbing out of the IB.

Both of these beads were made on the HH. In fact, I can not get these beads to turn out on my mini cc because it is too hot and the twisty just sinks into the ivory. On my mini I use Cobalt or Ink Blue to react with the silver foil. Different look, but similar outcomes.

The first bead is Ivory with silver, then a twisty of Moretti 219 Pastel Copper Green and IB.
The second bead is the bead of which I have been trying to make since I made it and nothing turns out the same. I should have saved this one. Ivory with Silver, then a twisty of (the orginal, very first batch) Moretti 266 Opal Yellow. Love this bead!