Val Cox Bea’s Bonnet

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This frit, sold by Val Cox is “a rich blend of vintage pinks and soft peach transparents and opaques–with a touch of chocolate. The interplay of opaque and transparent creates depth and complexity. This blend is enhanced by layering. It shows itself beautifully on clear, white or any pale transparent or opaque base. Encase or leave as a surface decoration. Lovely with silver, super easy to work with.”

Beads & Info by Amy Hall

Bea's Bonnet K100
Val Cox Bea’s Bonnet frit encased in Kugler K100 Clear

Moretti 068 Transparent Pale Rose base with Val Cox Bea’s Bonnet frit

Bea's Bonnet 012 Lt Amber
Moretti 008 Transparent Pale Amber base with Val Cox Bea’s Bonnet frit