Val Cox Fairy Dust

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This frit, sold by Val Cox, features “three pale shades of soft blue-green, perfect for the season. A soft, no-fuss opaque blend that works equally well on clear, pale opaque or black. Wonderful when used with silver foil.”

Beads & Info by Amy Hall

Fairy Dust 955
Vetrofond 955 Seashell Swirl Special Odd with a base of Moretti 420 Special Coral and silvered ivory.

Fairy Dust
I called this set “Fairies Wearing Denim” – it is a base of CiM Lapis with Val Cox’s “Fairy Dust” frit overtop.

Here it is on top of Vetrofond 955 Seashell Swirl Special Odd (very base of bead is Moretti 034 Transparent Light Aquamarine).