Evil Devitrifying Purple (EDP)

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Beads & info by Lara Lutrick.

Here you can see the Moretti 254 Pastel Purple (AKA Evil Devitrifying Purple or EDP) causing a line in the turquoise and green twisties in the first two pictures. In the third picture (not the best picture) you can see the lines in the twisty, but also there are beads made with a color and EDP and you can see the line that is not EDP with the line.

In this picture I made a twisty with EDP and Moretti 219 Pastel Copper Green. You can see the line form in the copper green, but you can also see how the EDP reacted with the base of Moretti 266 Opal Yellow and turned it bright orange and yellow. Very cool reaction.

In this last picture (again, not the best), you can see how EDP spreads and drags the twisty with it. The lines reach towards the hole and look really cool.