Val Cox Gypsy Skirt

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This frit, sold by Val Cox, is a mix of opaque and transparent colours. “A complex paring of opaque and transparent colors with contrasting and coordinating colors in apricot, pink and gray-green. The tones can shift to golden tones when silver foil is introduced.”

Beads & Info by Amy Hall

Gypsy Skirt K100
Val Cox Gypsy Skirt frit encased in Kugler K100 clear

Val Cox Gypsy Skirt frit swirled and speckled in Kugler K100 clear

Gypsy Skirt 004
Val Cox Gypsy Skirt frit on a base of Moretti 004 Transparent Clear

Gypsy Skirt 008
Moretti 008 Transparent Pale Amber base with Val Cox Gypsy Skirt frit.

Gypsy Skirt Strawberry Sweet
I used it over Vetrofond 994 Strawberry Sweet Odd, and clear. The raised dots are Strawberry Sweet.