Val Cox Painters Series – Belgian Linen

Belgian Linen

As the name implies, this one is comfortably elegant, wears well, and goes with everything. Play it up or play it down, it’s completely versatile and seems to only get better with time. Even better, this one never needs ironing.

Painting by Andrew Wyeth.

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Amy’s notes:

This blend is definitely softe than my usual bright colour palette – but I found I loved its subtlety. It encased well with Lauscha clear, and it was very versatile with many other colours in the 104 palette.

First, the encased beads. On a clear base, this frit was as soft as a cloud, and with the addition of silver foil, I got some beautiful golds and reds out of it.

Val Cox Belgian Linen encased in Lauscha clear

Rocky Road
Val Cox Belgian Linen encased in Lauscha clear, with silver foil

Now I think these next ones are some of my favorites… frit swirl beads with this blend were buttery soft.

Softly Swirling
Val Cox Belgian Linen swirled in/speckled on Moretti 004 Transparent Clear

I also really really loved this frit on copper green. It punched it up for some contrast; the reaction was beautiful.

Honey Avocado
Val Cox Belgian Linen on Moretti 008 Transparent Pale Amber and Moretti 219 Pastel Copper Green

It worked really well on the transparent ambers too:

Val Cox Belgian Linen on Moretti 012 Transparent Very Pale Amber

Val Cox Belgian Linen on Moretti 049 Straw Yellow

And very pretty on grey as well! A very organic effect that would look wonderful with semi precious stones.

Val Cox Belgian Linen on Moretti 268 Pastel Pearl Grey

And finally, here are my paddle tests of this blend. It doesn’t demonstrate the 104 palette in full by any means, but gives a pretty good idea of how the blend reacts with a variety of colours.