Val Cox Painters Series – Flaming June

Flaming June

The versatility of this one may surprise you. It’s a blend of transparents and opaques that pairs nicely with both warm and cool tones. Interesting effects with silver. Fuss free.

Painting by Frederick Leighton.

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Amy’s Notes:

I really enjoyed this blend, and I loved the way the colours could move from summery and bright to rich and autumny. There were enough strong brights in this mix to produce some fun effects on the brighter opaques (like Pea Green and Lemon Yellow), and it blended in so nicely with the paler transparents for a completely different effect.

Test Bead – Flaming June Encased in Lauscha

I haven’t yet made a full set of the above bead, no good reason why 🙂 I didn’t have any trouble encasing this blend in Lauscha clear. I did make a set of this frit encased with silver foil, and the results were really cool.

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Burning Embers
Val Cox Flaming June frit encased in Lauscha Clear with silver foil.

Here are some more rounds featuring Flaming June

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Fruit Cocktail
Val Cox Flaming June frit on Moretti 008 Transparent Pale Amber

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Val Cox Flaming June frit on Moretti 034 Transparent Light Aquamarine

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Flaming Kermit
Val Cox Flaming June frit on Moretti 212 Pastel Pea Green

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Not so Mellow Yellow
Val Cox Flaming June frit on Moretti 404 Special Light Lemon Yellow

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Anything Goes
Val Cox Flaming June frit swirled in and speckled on Moretti 004 Transparent Clear

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Val Cox Flaming June frit on Moretti 204 Pastel White

And finally, here are my paddle tests of this blend. It doesn’t demonstrate the 104 palette in full by any means, but gives a pretty good idea of how the blend reacts with a variety of colours.