Val Cox Painter’s Series – Drama Cream


Drama Cream

A rich dreamy blend of reactive opaques and transparents. Play up the drama by going for the Raku color effects or use a reduction flame to go for the gold. Pairs beautifully with both warm and cool tones.

Painting by Alexandre Cabanel.

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Amy’s notes:

I really, really loved this blend. It was so versatile, and gave so many amazing and cool effects depending on what it was paired with.

First of all, it was gorgeous encased, both with and without silver foil. The first set, “Liquid Sunshine,” was just pure Drama Cream encased in Lauscha clear (using Moretti clear as a base because, well, Lauscha is expensive). “Fantasy” was also just clear on clear, but with a layer of silver foil that brought out even more gold tones.

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“Liquid Sunshine”

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I also tried encasing Drama Cream with a Moretti 014 Transparent Medium Topaz base, because the blend seemed reactive on this base and I wanted to see how the reaction looked magnified by the clear. I wasn’t disappointed!

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Encased Psychedelic Gecko
Base of Moretti 014 Transparent Medium Topaz, Val Cox Drama Cream frit, encased in Lauscha clear.

I made “swirly” frit beads with this blend and they were also absolutely gorgeous. The colours came out so rich.

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Caramel Swirls
Base of Moretti 004 Clear, with Val Cox Drama Cream frit swirled in and speckled on.

Here are some more beads I made using the Drama Cream blend:

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Psychedelic Gecko
Base of Moretti 016 Transparent Dark Topaz, with Val Cox Drama Cream frit

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Creme Brulee
Base of Moretti 068 Transparent Pale Rose with Val Cox Drama Cream frit

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Base of Moretti 204 Pastel White, with a layer of Vetrofond 955 Seashell Swirl Special Odd, and Val Cox Drama Cream frit

Here are a few sets of lentils I made using some of the more reactive bases with this glass.

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Psychedelic Gecko Lentils
Base of Moretti 008 Transparent Pale Amber, with Moretti 276 Pastel Dark Ivory, and Val Cox Drama Cream frit

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Base of Moretti 049 Straw Yellow, with Moretti 266 Opal Yellow, and Val Cox Drama Cream frit

And finally, here are my paddle tests of this blend. It doesn’t demonstrate the 104 palette in full by any means, but gives a pretty good idea of how the blend reacts with a variety of colours.