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I’ve been working on a bit of a “spacer” project this week. The idea started when I realized that there are many colours not represented on my Lampwork Colour Guide. While there are loads of colours I do not even have in stock, there are a TON that I do that I have not yet made spacers from.

So… over the past week… I’ve been making lots and lots and lots of spacers. Like hundreds of them. The idea was a) to work on stocking my Etsy shop with a variety of colours of spacers (since spacers seem very popular, everyone always needs them, and why not offer a relatively inexpensive item with loads of selection?), and b) to fill in some of the gaps in my colour guide.

CiM Mermaid Spacers

For those of you who aren’t part of the lampwork community, you might not even know what the word “spacer” means. Basically they are little beads that are intended to go between bigger beads. They fill up spaces in a design. They are usually just simple, single colour beads. They are really quick and easy to make. They also actually do quite well on their own in certain designs – for example, for delicate earrings, for bracelets, even for necklaces if you string enough of them together.

Pink Spacer Bracelet

Mine are usually around 5mm measured from hole to hole, and I sell them in sets of 10 for between $8-12, depending on the glass used. I might end up raising the price in future too, we will see – this price point doesn’t really allow for a lot of leeway with bulk discounts etc. (Something that I am battling with in general when considering pricing, since I am considering moving to try to sell my beads to stores that would take a 50% cut. I would certainly have to increase my prices to make that work!)

Moretti Cobalt Blue Transparent Spacers

Anyway stay tuned for some colour comparisons once this project is completed. (Or, more completed, this is kind of an ongoing project really!)

Also this week, I have been doing LOADS of frit beads so stay tuned for those also!