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Thinkin’ Pink!

I have a few new listings in my Etsy shop in pink! The main pink I have been using this last little while is “Gelly’s Sty” by Creation is Messy. It is a really sweet, bright bubblegum pink, that I haven’t seen anywhere else. While at first I thought something *that* pink would have limited uses… it seems to be finding its way into more and more of my beads.

Pink & Black Tuxedo – set of tiles

Gelly’s Sty and black – raised florals – very cute set.

Udderly Inspired

Gelly’s Sty, black, and white. The transluscent pink on the smooth polka dot beads I believe is CiM Blush but I am not positive.

Pink Sugar

Gelly’s Sty in the opaque pink beads. The more purpley ones are CiM Heffalump. The transluscent ones are (I think) CiM Blush and CiM Rose Quartz. These were made using very fine clear “sugar” frit.

More about Gelly’s Sty
More about Heffalump

2 thoughts on “Thinkin’ Pink!

  1. Beautiful as always. I love the pink sugar because I don’t think I have ever seen any beads like them. And I do like the different square style as well. 🙂

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