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Canyon de Chelly with Ocelot Spots = Butterscotch Lava

I made a cool discovery about Creation is Messy Canyon de Chelly. I used some of Val Cox’s “Ocelot Spots” frit on it, and some silvered ivory stringer, and I got some amazing hues of brown and gold. So rich!



More about CiM Canyon de Chelly
More about Ocelot Spots frit

Also, my black and white necklace is in a treasury – “It’s Black It’s White”

Over at Fire Divas, the voting for the Spring Jewelry Challenge is still going on, if you haven’t gone to check it out yet.

That’s all for me for a few days. Wish me luck on my finals for school!

2 thoughts on “Canyon de Chelly with Ocelot Spots = Butterscotch Lava

  1. What an absolutely amazing discovery! I really love the rainbow of color effects you got. These are a couple of beautiful sets.

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