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Rainbow Brights

I have been using the rainbow colours lately, I have two sets to show today, and a few more coming in the next little while! I guess it’s because spring/summer is coming and I’m really starting to crave the bright colours.

Rainbow Brights Bumpy Beads

Rainbow Brights Spacer Beads

I am pretty sure the red is special dark red (Moretti 436). It is a beautiful cherry red opaque. The orange is intense tangerine (Vetrofond Odd 939). The yellow in the bumpy beads is special light lemon yellow (Moretti 404), while in the spacers it is Pineapple Sparkle Odd (Vetrofond 941). I think actually there might be some Tangerine Sparkle in amongst the oranges too (Vetrofond 944). The green is pea green opaque (Moretti 212), the blue is lt turquoise blue (Moretti 232), and the purple is Thai Orchid (Creation is Messy).

Meanwhile, I entered some of my Spring Pastel beads in… well a Spring Pastels challenge with the Crafting in Color team. If you want to go vote for me, I am #25 – I would sure appreciate it too, because if I win, I get my Etsy mini shown on the Crafting in Color website for the month! That’s really good exposure for me.

Spring Flowers in Soft Pastels

Speaking of exposure, I would like to give a shout-out to my friend Holly who is on the Fire Divas team with me – I am promoting her on Facebook this week, so here is a link to her store, Holly’s Folly. She does really beautiful work.

That’s all for today!