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Val Cox Frit New Blends Part 2

This week I’ve been making encased sets using the new blends – and loving the results!

Go buy the blends here – at!

Check out my Etsy shops for ready to ship and made to order spacers as seen below…


New Val Cox Frit Colours!

Well, here is something to get excited about – a whole new set of blends from Val Cox Frit! I just got mine last week so all I have had time to do so far is spacers, but I am absolutely loving each and every one of these blends, and I can’t wait to see […]

And a few more Creation is Messy colours!

I think this is the last of the new colours. Frantz has some of the 2015 colours in stock now!

CiM Frost

CiM Butternut

CiM Golden Rod

CiM Royal

CiM Loch Ness

CiM Zoe


Some more Creation is Messy

Here are some more of the new CiM colours – out later this month I think? I only had a small amount of each to play with and am looking forward to getting my hands on more!

CiM Sakura

CiM Nimbus

CiM Kitchen


Creation is Messy Colour Previews

The new colours are (almost?) out from Creation is Messy! I know that Frantz should have them all in stock by mid/late February. I was lucky enough to get my hands on them a little early so here are some previews. Definitely some of these that I will be adding to my regular lineup. Are […]

Boxing Weekend Sale

Boxing Weekend Lampwork Sale – 50% off and 20% off – come grab some beads! Starting at midnight and ending Sunday night.

Ooops… the REAL Black Friday sale

I am a silly Canadian (at least that is my excuse). I thought last weekend was “Black Friday.” And now I have realized that no, it’s actually tomorrow. So I’m going to put my Etsy shop on sale again – actually this time, both shops 🙂

Receive 50% off all items at my ready […]

BIG SALE! 50% Off Ready to Ship Lampwork Beads

Christmas time is coming 🙂 And it’s Black Friday this week. Not that we really do that in Canada but, well, we sort of do. I’m having a big sale in my main Etsy store to clear out some stock and make a few extra bucks for Christmas shopping. This will only apply to ready […]

More Orphans?!?

I’ve been doing a lot of made to order work lately and the result is… orphan city! I usually make at least a few extra beads for every set that I sell made to order – I select the best/most matching ones and that’s what gets shipped out. But then I have so many leftovers, […]

Val Cox Sweet Dreams

Lampwork Colour Guide -> Frit Blends -> Val Cox Sweet Dreams

This frit is sold by Val Cox. “A fantastic blending of several soft opaque colors with a few light transparent tones. Together they give this complex blend a wonderful color-play quality that shifts when paired with silver. Try this blend on the surface […]