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Welcome to our Glass Gallery Website!


Amy is the daughter – a lampwork beadmaker. Amy has been designing and creating jewellery for many years, and had a bit of a bead-buying addiction. It was only a natural transition to making her own beads, which she has been doing since the beginning of 2006. Amy makes beads at a torch in her small home studio, anneals them in a special glass kiln, and cleans them thoroughly with a dremel. She offers them for sale in sets mostly, although she loves to create jewelry pieces as well. The beadmaking has just sort of taken over!


Elizabeth is the mother – she focuses on creating art pieces from recycled materials. She makes everything from glass platters, wall pockets, and wind chimes, to amazing full scale glass mosaic windows. She forms the recycled glass in a large glass kiln, often using molds that she has designed and created herself, in her basement studio, and then works with the pieces to make her creations. Her recent large piece “Solstice” is now installed at its final location at Woodwynn Farms: NOTE: If you’ve tried to contact Elizabeth at – please note: it’s an old email address that no longer works. Her new one is the same up to the “@” — then it’s “”

Amy would love to work with recycled glass too but unfortunately it is not as viable for beadmaking – you can’t combine different pieces of recycled glass in the same bead, which becomes extremely limiting. Amy uses mostly Italian art glass in her work – Moretti, Effetre, and Vetrofond – although more recently she has begun expanding into some of the American companies, such as Creation is Messy and Double Helix. She uses Lauscha, Kugler, and Reichenbach glasses almost exclusively for encasing, due to the wonderful clarity these glasses produce in the clears. She works on a Minor torch with two oxygen concentrators.

The Two Glassy Ladies sometimes collaborate for certain projects, and Elizabeth is always happy to re-purpose Amy’s beads! We sell our items together at craft fairs too.

All of our work is annealed in a digitally controlled kiln, and we guarantee it.

AND… For something different, here’s a video where Amy plays cello as part of a very different sort of art project:

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